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Companies to carry out staff quarters fire safety inspection activities
Time:2017/7/18 17:13:18
November 9 this year is the 24th "119" fire publicity day, in order to completely exclude the staff quarters of major security risks, effective prevention and resolutely curb the occurrence of major fire accidents, November 2 -3, the company administrative office logistics staff Staff old and new dormitory fire self-examination to check the situation, and the existence of security risks of staff quarters were rectification.
Inspection team mainly for the existence of the staff quarters of the use of illegal violations of electrical phenomena, whether the wire line illegally, fire facilities are damaged, whether the fire channel is clear and so on. Check found that some staff quarters there are fire safety hazards, dormitory chaos random pull wire behavior, there are individual dormitories have used electric hot pot, hot and other illegal electrical phenomenon. In view of the inspection found in the fire safety risks, the inspection team on the unqualified lines are also timely rectification, check off the illegal electrical appliances, and education they must from the ideological and operational attention to fire safety, eliminate security risks.
The inspection of fire safety risks is an important part of the company's fire safety activities, is a strong measure to prevent and contain fire accidents, the inspection in the exclusion of staff quarters fire safety hazards, enhance staff awareness of fire safety has played a positive role The
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