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10kV Dry-type Transformer
Time:2016/9/1 11:00:47


Resin insulated dry-type transformers safe, flame retardant, non-polluting, can be installed directly in the load center. Maintenance-free, easy installation, integrated operating costs low, low loss, good moisture resistance, can be 100% humidity normal operation, after the outage can be put into operation without pre-drying. Local discharge is low, the noise is small, heat capacity, forced air cooling conditions can be 150% rated load operation. Equipped with a perfect temperature protection control system, for the safe operation of the transformer to provide reliable protection, high reliability. According to the already put into operation more than 10,000 products running research, product reliability index reached the international advanced level.



◆ Low loss, low operating costs, energy saving effect is obvious;

◆ Fire - retardant, fire - proof, non - polluting

◆ Good moisture resistance, strong heat dissipation;

◆ Bureau of low, low noise, maintenance-free;

◆ High mechanical strength, short circuit resistance, long life;



GB/T10228-2008         GB1094.11-2007
Rated high voltage Rated HV:
Rated low pressure Rated LV :0.4kV
Tap connection range:
Non-exciting regulation
On-load regulation(±4×2.5%)
Vector group:D yn11 or Y yn0
Insulation level:LI75AC35/AC5

Model logo:


SC (ZB) 10 series 10kV grade resin insulated dry type transformer


◆Note: The on-load tap-changer transformer only adjusts the following two data: 

1. the weight increases 100kg;

2. the on-load switch is arranged on the side of the transformer a increase 650mm or the front b increase 750mm.


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SC (ZB) 12 series 10kV grade resin insulated dry - type transformers


SC (ZB) 13 series 10kV grade resin insulated dry type transformer

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