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Single phase transformer
Time:2016/9/1 11:16:37


Western developed countries and Southeast Asia, North and South America, extensive use of single-phase transformers as distribution transformers. In the distributed distribution of power distribution network, single-phase transformer as a distribution transformer has a greater advantage. It can reduce the length of low-voltage distribution lines, reduce line losses, improve the quality of power supply, the use of highly efficient energy-saving volume core structure design, the transformer is characterized by column-type suspension installation, small size, infrastructure investment, reduce low-voltage power supply Radius, can reduce the low-voltage line loss of more than 60%, the transformer is fully sealed structure, overload capacity, continuous operation of high reliability, easy maintenance.


Suitable for rural power grids, remote mountainous areas, scattered villages, agricultural production, lighting and power consumption, can also be used for railway, urban power grid energy-saving transformation column-type distribution lines can be single-phase operation or three single-phase group as a three-phase operation.


Two types of single-phase distribution transformers are available


First, the general type and fully self-protection type


Second, respectively, with silicon steel and amorphous alloy two core



◆ Small size, easy installation, easy maintenance;

◆ Low noise, low line loss, energy efficient;

◆ Reliable operation, strong overload capacity.



ANSI C57. 12. 00 C57. 12. 20
IEC 76

Single - phase oil - immersed transformers


Single - phase oil - immersed transformers

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