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10kV Oil immersed Magnetron Reactor
Time:2016/9/5 11:24:36


MCR series magnetically controlled reactor is mainly used in 6 ~ 110kV power system, according to the automatic controller of the grid system reactive power sampling, automatic adjustment of the magnetron reactor thyristor control angle, change the winding DC current size control core saturation , Automatically adjust the MCR's inductive reactive power, to achieve continuous improvement in reactance value to achieve smooth and stable system power factor and reactive power requirements, reduce system voltage fluctuations, stabilize the system voltage, reduce system voltage flicker, in order to achieve reactive power fast compensation effect. The magnetic reactor has the advantages of improving the power factor, reducing the network loss, preventing the power system system from oscillating, improving the transmission line transmission capacity, improving the voltage stability of the power grid, limiting the power frequency voltage of the system and operating the overvoltage, and achieving the stable system voltage. Particularly suitable for frequent changes in load, requiring high precision compensation occasions. MCR-type magnetron reactors are widely used in power substation, electrified railway, new energy, coal mine, chemical industry, smelting, rolling and other industries. MCR-type magnetron reactors are ideal for dynamic reactive power compensation and voltage regulation devices for high voltage and ultrahigh voltage networks The



1.MCR type magnetically controlled reactor is through the DC bias magnetic core to change the magnetic permeability of the core to achieve inductor adjustable, and with a fixed capacitor, automatic controller, etc. constitute a dynamic reactive power compensation system to achieve Power compensation capacity stepless adjustment, the reactive power compensation to achieve the best results.

2. To improve the power factor of the power grid, you can make the power factor of 0.9 ~ 0.99 requirements; and reduce the loss and reactive power loss, energy saving, suitable for power system huge network loss is very serious users.

3. Eliminate harmonic pollution, improve the safety factor of the power grid system, improve the voltage stability of the power grid and transmission line transmission capacity.

4. Stable end voltage (to prevent the voltage is too high or too low), improve the transformer and transmission lines and other electrical equipment life.

5. For the user expansion, in many industries to install MCR-type magnetic reactor reactive reactive power compensation device, can achieve 1.2 to 1.5 times the expansion, substantial savings in expansion costs.

6.CarR type magnetically controlled reactor SVC dynamic reactive power compensation system cost-effective, compared to domestic TCR-type SVC low price 1/3.

7. Magnetic control reactor by the air gap core, coil, fuel tank, radiator, oil conservator, casing, according to the size of the pressure relief valve, gas relays, thermometers and other major components, both pressure , Gas, temperature protection device.

8. Reactor application of computer software to optimize the design of technical performance parameters, the performance indicators in line with national and industry standards and user needs.

9. Magnetically controlled reactor has the characteristics of compact structure, low loss, low temperature, low noise, small volume, light weight, flame retardancy, moisture resistance, simple installation and maintenance. And meet the non-oil (non-polluting) requirements of the substation, distribution site use, energy saving and environmental protection is the ideal product.


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